We support clinical trials with a full scope of warehousing and logistics services, ensuring the highest industry operational standards.

As a leading provider of local clinical trial storage, warehousing and logistics, ICON Global Logistics uses industry standard processes and equipment, combining them with expertise in local regulations and warehousing techniques. Our confidentiality measures include secure storage and dedicated quarantine zones.

Our depot and distribution network provides:

  • Storage in all temperature zones (+15+25C, +2+8C, -25-15C, -70C)
  • Dedicated facilities with 24/7 security
  • Additional labelling (just-in-time, expiry extension etc.)
  • Handling and distribution of investigational medical products and clinical trial materials
  • Sourcing of comparator and concomitant medication
  • Equipment purchase/lease
  • Return and disposal of unused drugs

ICON Global Logistics understands the unique distribution requirements for each study and area, taking into consideration the in-country regulations (e.g., whether a Qualified Person release is needed at a depot) and product characteristics. We apply cold-chain logistics practices appropriate for the season to deliver zero-deviation results.

Additional services include:

  • Review of product compliance with relevant legislation
  • Approval of returns reconciliation level
  • Coordinating cleaning, sanitation, and pest control activities at the warehouses
  • Assistance with identification of quality incidents and their resolution
  • Additional labelling and recall process coordination
  • Verification of temperature/humidity data

Our combined network (including partners) covers:

  • Central and Eastern Europe: Georgia, Serbia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Croatia**, Bosnia and Herzegovina**
  • Middle East: Turkey, Israel
  • Asia Pacific: Taiwan, Philippines**, South Korea**
  • Africa: South Africa**
  • Latin America:  Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Peru

** in reapproval process